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Bread holds inside the crackling fire that was started by our ancestors, bread sets their voices free, the whispers of people passing through stations, bread holds inside with zeal the inheritance of a tradition.

The bread-baking tradition of the town is alive first and foremost thanks to the vocation of those bread makers

who refuse to abandon artisanal bread making. Even though they have embraced new technologies, new products and today’s most essential developments, they still bake their bread by hand, and they use the “trigo do país”, the wheat of the community, that wonderful ingredient which was rescued right on the verge of dying out and which is essential to keep the tradition alive: without this wheat, Galician bread wouldn’t exist, we would just have to say bread made in Galicia, but it wouldn’t be the same, the old one, the one that on the first bite takes us back to the times when one could see the carts arriving at the water mills carrying the sacks of wheat that would come out as sacks of the flour in which the precious grains had been turned. Later, they would reach the craftman, where their artisan hands awaited, able hands that could mold slow-rising doughs with exquisite flavours, each of them bearing inside a corner of the Earth where man melts with his environment and brings forth the ancient aromas of some of nature’s noblest products.

Nowadays, the flour comes from a region called Ourense, where large areas are being devoted to cultivating this wheat. We go there in person, we take a look at the quality of the product, and we devote time and energy in order to find the best raw material to work with, which is what we are known for. We’ll continue working like this, doing everything that’s necessary so that the difference in the final product is clearly seen: “Out of the best raw materials come the best products”.



Avd. de Algeciras, 89 Neda (A Coruña)


Call us: 981 380 610