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Situated in the neighborhood of Magdalena, historical and cultural site of Ferrol, Stollen symbolizes these attributes of the city.

Our wise a nd spacious salon has been renovated to host our guests in an exquisite and relaxed atmosphere.

You can enjoy the best cofee and drinks accompanied by unsurpassed baked goods created by our skilled artisans.
Using traditional methods, we knead our breads producing a noted high grade of excellence without additives.

Our cafe is a representation of our love for the life in the city. It is everywhere,... where people want to enjoy.

Here, on our corner, the city is alive with people crossing paths. We love being the place for meeting, sharing and enjoying.
We welcome you to take some bread or pastries from our oven to your home.
Having coffee in Ferrol has its own style and unique name:.... Stollen. It is the cafe of the city!


To buy bread and pastries in Ferrol means to bring the oven to the table with the most superior products in the area and the highest seal of quality.....Pastelerias Valencia.
We share the passion for kneading our bread, for bringing out distinctive flavors and for serving you the excellence!




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Avd. de Algeciras, 89 Neda (A Coruña)


Call us: 981 380 610